Auditions for Fall Term

Audition excerpts for Fall 2016:

  • Strings auditions will be on Sept. 24, 2016.  Sign-ups are online.
    • Prepare the bracketed sections from Mahler Symphony #1 “Titan.”  For bowed parts with the audition excerpts marked in red, visit this link.  The orchestra will be performing this work in the Fall, so if you want to learn the whole part, by all means, please do it.  For violins, there are excerpts from both the first and second part.  All violins should prepare the excerpts from both parts.
    • Prepare two minutes of a solo or etude that demonstrate your musical maturity and technical skill.
  • Wind/brass/percussion excerpts will be decided by specific studios, rather than being from our orchestra music.  Contact your studio teacher for excerpts.
  • Non-music majors are encouraged to sign-up for Campus Orchestra which meets for two hours on Tuesday evening.  It is a great way to keep playing at UO and has no audition requirement!

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