Orchestral Conducting Institute

JUNE 4-7, 2018 featuring Neil Varon from the Eastman School of Music and David Jacobs from the University of Oregon.  Applications will open in January 2018

FOR THE 2017 INSTITUTE, SEE OUR NEW WEBSITE AT http://music.uoregon.edu/conductingworkshop


Participants, auditors, and faculty of the first UO Conducting Workshop (June 5, 2013)

What last year’s participants are saying:

  • “I thought that I would be expanding my gestural vocabulary, I didn’t realize the workshop would revolutionize how I approach being a musician as a whole.”
  • “Very constructive atmosphere maintained by the instructors.”
  • “My expectations were exceeded due to the quality of the orchestra, the knowledge of Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Girard, and the friendly, helpful nature of Maestro Varon”
  • “Cost, podium time, teachers, quality of orchestra, all make this a very good workshop to attend.”

The University of Oregon Summer Conducting Institute is designed for 8-9 experienced, pre-professional conductors to learn how to better use both musical creativity and gesture to get more of what you want from the orchestra. Master teacher Neil Varon from the Eastman School of Music will show participants how to achieve both technical and musical clarity to their beat, while offering interpretive insights into orchestral masterworks. There will be piano/string quintet sessions, two full orchestra sessions with the University of Oregon Symphony, and chamber sessions with the Oregon Camerata as well as the fully professional, Northwest Navy Wind Octet.  Dr. David Jacobs, Director of Orchestral Studies at the University of Oregon will assist Maestro Varon, providing one-on-one debriefing sessions to each participant during the course. In addition to the conducting sessions, there will be interactive sessions on technique, opera conducting, score study, and career development.

Applicants who are not offered participant status are encouraged to attend as auditors. Auditors may observe all podium sessions and participate fully in all lectures. Auditors may also have some one-on-one contact with the workshop faculty as the schedule permits. First time workshop attendees and those who are considering graduate conducting studies are particularly encouraged to attend as auditors to gain valuable workshop experience.

Each conducting participant will receive 90 minutes of podium time. Participants will be video recorded, so please bring a high-speed SD card to ensure quality. Expect to play your primary instrument during string quintet/piano sessions when not conducting.

Please join us for a fun and exciting four days of musical exploration in beautiful Eugene, Oregon.  Social gatherings are also arranged throughout the institute to allow time to network with colleagues and clinicians.

Application fee $35



  • Participant:  $850
  • Auditor:  $250
  • Daily Auditor: $70



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